Participants: National Technical University of Athens, National Observatory of Athens, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus (Open Hydrosystem Information Network) is a national e-infrastructure for collection, management and dissemination of hydrological and environmental information for the national inland waters resources.

The system is designed to receive and process real-time data from automatic telemetric stations. Other relative databases that manage real-time and historical data that are maintained from research organizations and government departments can also be intergraded.

The implementation of the system is being carried out with the prospect of the integration, in the next phase, of all the relevant infrastructure of the country. The objective is to provide free access to hydrological, environmental and geospatial data related to surface water bodies in Greece.

Διαδικτυακή πλατφόρμα επιφανειακών υδάτων

Web platform for inland waters

The infrastructure is coordinated by the School of Civil Engineering of the NTUA and comprises five components:

(a) Recording and…

Αλαγονία του Νέδοντα Μεσσηνίας

The tele-hydrometric network

The Hydrology team is involved in the installation and operation of tele-hydrometric networks since 1998, during the implementations of the TELEFLEUR and DEUKALION projects. In the current project…

Σταθμοί ποιότητας υδάτων Prasias-Rema-(Argiri)

Water quality monitoring stations

The Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters of HCMR will assess the existing automatic water monitoring networks in Greece and their upgrade and expansion needs, while it will…

UOI Campus Kostakii - S08

Agro-Meteorological stations

Agrometeorological stations network installed across the plain of Arta. All stations have modular design to support different types of sensors. Data are transmitted by GPRS or by UHF to the…