The free access to HIMIOFoTS research nodes is one of the main target of this national project. This will be achieved by adapting best practices already implemented in other international networks (e.g., NEPTUNE,DONET, HYMEX) and integrating the experience gained by a number of partners through their participation in relevant activities, such the I3 projects. For instance, the Institute of Oceanography of HCMR has already gained extensive experience through its participation in several projects such as FixO3, JERICO (Fp7) and JERICO NEXT (H2020), offering accessibility the POSEIDON observatory’s nodes (platforms, laboratories and data base).

Through the HIMIOFoTs infrastructure, a complete accessibility framework will be created where it will be referenced how any potential user can have free access to all active nodes of the system. Some of the best practices that will be included are:

A) Accessibility invitations as well as proposals for the participation in field experiments, sensors integration into observation platforms, supply of water samples, etc.

B) Coordinated access to the data processing and products (data management applications, geographic information system, operational models, etc.) through a dedicated web portal.

Detailed information regarding the accessibility to HIMIOFoTS nodes, can be found in the attached files.

In the Accessibility Guideline document, you can find detailed information about the accessible nodes of HIMΙOFoTS.

In order to submit your proposals, you need to fill the submission form and send it by email to: