The tele-hydrometric network

The Hydrology team is involved in the installation and operation of tele-hydrometric networks since 1998, during the implementations of the TELEFLEUR and DEUKALION projects. In the current project, the team will re-evaluate the existing tele-hydrometric network of DEUKALION and will identify the needs for its upgrade and expansion.

Marine land-based facility for testing and marine engineering

The Laboratory of Ship & Marine Hydrodynamics at the National Technical University of Athens belongs to the Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. The Ship Model Towing Tank of the Laboratory, measuring 100 m x 5 m x 3,5 m, is unique in Greece and operational since 1979 at the Zographos campus. τhe Laboratory is a founding member of Hellas Lab (member of EuroLab), a member of the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) and is ISO 9002 certified (Member ITTC, HELLAS LAB, ISO 9002).